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65% of Canadians have access to the internet at home and or work… and it continues to grow…

We will provide you with a realistic and doable strategy so that you can tap into the immense potential

  • Editorial Sells - Take advantage of storyline editorials and quality digital photography
  • Building the Story Board - Build the story board. This is the essential pattern of pathways various visitors can use to tour and take action on your web site.
  • Create the look & feel - Create the 'look and feel' that is consistent with a visual design: website, e-newsletters, blogs.
  • Promote - Promote your internet presence
  • Creating the Story Boards - or flow chart for your website is as important as the design
  • Bring in your Visual Design Theme - your look and feel
  • It needs to Grab their attention - Inform a little – have a Call to action
  • Focused for visitors to simply find what they want and take action on it
  • ENewsletters - on-line communications. This is a great way to effectively keep your name in front of your clients – tell them about your latest products and or services – offer specials – provide information and or alerts – VERY cost effective